Monday, February 1, 2010

40 Days of SY 2009-2010

Make the most of it!

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mario g. said...


I hope you read my comment in time. I tried to send my inquiry on the school's GET CONNECTED page but all I get is an error page when I hit send so I hope you don't mind me getting the message through your blog.

I would like to inquire tuition rates for first year high school.

I am based here in Maryland, USA but my son is still in the Philippines. He is moving to the area from Quezon City to live with my parents.

Please reply with the necessary info, like contact person, total initial payment, quarterly payments and if possible, other estimated fees for extra curricular activities for the year. The more detail the better so I can budget.

I plan to do quarterly payments and would like to remit tuition payments direct to your school. I can do door-to-door or even better, pay via credit card if you accept foreign issued VISA, AMEX or MC.

My email is Thank you and I appreciate your immediate reply.